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Monday, June 07, 2004

From Matur to Maninjau..see this house: mix of Dutch style with Minang head.

Don't you feel the whisper of the wind?

Closer baby..closer..

and..dont forget bananas for the hostess

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Sunday, June 06, 2004
the killing cave

who knows, behind this mystery-beauty view..

there's a killing rooms, full of amunissions and blood..

buit in Japanese colonialism, 1942-1945. Length, app. 1,5 kilometres.
Killed so many people from Celebes, Java and Borneo
(there's no note Minangese involved or made to work in this force)

Take a look at this jail room, cozy place to die..

This is an execusion room, (I think, no desk before..just wall)

if u were weak..and no hope to's ur place..shot..

then kick to that hole..went to the valey..gone..

Later, people found and buried here, hundred of romushas..

Road to freedom..

Gate for breath..silence witness

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